Well. Here it is. My own little corner of the blogging world.

Herein will reside my best efforts to share the wonders of my regular and knitting worlds with family and friends. While there are some (you know who you are) who think the knitting thing is negligible–this despite its decades-long presence in my life– I consider it my mission to gain your respect for the not-so-humble needles and yarn. I figure that I’ll cleverly entwine enough family news into the knitting theme that you’ll convert to my way of thinking without even noticing. Heh.

Evil, perhaps, but for the greater good.

To that end, here is a gratuitous shot of my precocious (and perpetually astonished) nephew Elliott wearing the cardigan I made for him last year. Despite the overwhelming cute factor of this sweater, I cursed every moment that I had to handle the yarn (King Cole’s Sprinkles), as it caught on every rough patch of skin or fingernail and made me long for my usual natural fibres. But I love Elliott so much that I’m making a blanket for him out of the remaining yarn. Will need a stiff glass of Bailey’s on hand to make it bearable, I’m afraid.

Elliott, astonished.