First – wow, thank you for all of the comments and messages! Feels good to know you are reading. I tried to answer all of you, but I’m still figuring out just how to do that properly! Rest assured that your feedback is appreciated.

Just before Christmas I flew to Newfoundland (pretty much my favourite place in the world) to visit my Mom and Dad, and my sister and her family. None of us are native to the province, but when my sister married a St. John’s lad, I guess we just became honorary —or wannabe–Newfoundlanders. In any event, while I was there, I scored BIG in the knitted gift points department. Oh yes. Here’s how:


Observe the beauty of the knitted–then felted–clog. These babies are guaranteed to please the recipient. How do I know? Because my mother (yes, my MOTHER), actually liked them. She really, really, liked them. She promptly wore them. She remarked upon them, and showed them to people. I could barely contain my glee, because she is not the easiest person to please when it comes to gifts. She isn’t ungrateful, just…discerning, shall we say.

But wait. There’s more.

Before I went to Newfoundland, I called my nephews (ages eight and ten) and asked them to tell me their favourite colours and then measure their feet very carefully, because I was going to knit them some slippers. Now, I know that in the eyes of young boys slippers may be low on the gift wish list, but I have to say that they were a terrific success. Here’s why: what I didn’t tell them was that you have to knit these clogs super-sized and THEN shrink them to fit, resulting in a very thick, cozy, warm slipper.

So they were understandably perplexed when I gave them the oversized (not yet shrunken) products. They posed politely:

Boys with big slippers Dec 2007

Then I let them off the hook and told them that they could help me shrink them ON PURPOSE. Think they were relieved?

Boys with big slippers2 Dec 2007

The results were good, and the boys actually enjoyed the miracle of shrinking/felting. Their enjoyment of the process, which took about twenty minutes, was punctuated with several wrestling matches and brotherly punching contests, as well as an incident with a laundry basket. I have new respect for people raising boys.

Ben's felted clogs Dec 2007

Andrew's felted clogs Dec 2007

All of the above are made with Paton’s Classic Wool, using the Fiber Trends “Felted Clogs” pattern.

If you’re thinking of trying to create your own, take heed — here’s what happened when my friend Lexy started making some for Christmas presents:

Lexy's clogs too