My friend Debbie had a moment of knitterly Christmas inspiration at the last possible minute. She decided to knit pairs of wee tiny socks out of self-striping yarn remnants, and to turn them into Christmas ornaments to give to family members. Now, despite the fact that Christmas was VERY near, she knew she could do it. She’s like that.

So when the family vehicle was due to be in the garage one morning, Debbie turned down the opportunity to be driven home, and opted instead to wait in the garage waiting room. It was the perfect excuse to work on the teeny socks. And she did just that, minding her own business, and concentrating on the task at hand. Hours later, she overheard the mechanic at the front desk talking to a co-worker in the garage bay:

“Nope, she’s still here. Yeah, she’s been waiting the whole time. Well, we offered her a drive, but she’s working on some… cat booties or something.”

Cat Booties?

That cracked me up. The guy was serious! Obviously he has never had a cat.

The photo above includes a regular, human-sized sock to help illustrate how tiny the cat booties were. Heh.

Debbie also produced three pairs of lo-o-ong manly socks for her husband and two sons. She calculated that, at minimum wage per hour, the socks were a gift worth about $600.00. Not bad at all. Note how the socks encouraged male bonding and ritualistic behaviours:

Debbie's dudes Dec 2007
Debbie's dudes' socks2 Dec 2007

Debbie says, “The socks were knit from ” Opal Silk ” ( ‘seide’ German) in three
different, yet similar colours. One ball makes a pair, with a little left for at least one pair of cat booties :)”