I made a pair of Log Cabin Socks for my husband for Christmas. Here they are in progress, languishing on the deck last fall:

Log Cabin Socks...in progress

I fell in love with the pattern the first time I saw it, and knew that I would make them for someone. My hubby was the chosen recipient, since he lives with
a) hardwood floors
b) a cold climate, and
c) a wife who loves to keep the house ridiculously chilly.

So the thing about my husband is this: he doesn’t really get the knitting thing. He doesn’t mind that I shush him when I’m concentrating on something intricate, he doesn’t complain about the rather large stash of yarn bursting out of inadequate containers, and he even supports my addiction in a passive kind of way. But does he understand it? I don’t think so.

To make the socks, I had to lie to him about who they were for.
Me: “I’m making these for Jess.”
Him: “That’s nice.”
Me: “I brought the yarn all the way from Massachusetts.”
Him: “Oh.”
Me: “Sure do have to concentrate on these cables.”
Him: “Uh huh.”
Me: “Feel how heavy the yarn is… these babies are going to be warm.”
Him: “Yeah.”

Unbridled enthusiasm.

So when I gave the socks to him at Christmas, he was surprised, but he didn’t exactly seem excited about them, at least not enough to please the knitter.

Me: “Do you notice how the cabley things actually move from one side to the other?”
Him: “Hmm.”
Me (darkly): “There’s llama in them, you know!!”


Him: “Llama? You’re kidding!”


Log Cabin Socks finished Dec 2007
Pattern name: Log Cabin Socks
Source: Handknit Holidays by Melanie Falick
Yarn: Cascade Pastaza (50% wool, 50% llama)