Happy Birthday, Jess.

23 years ago today you were born, and you began to change the lives of one young couple in ways that we couldn’t possibly imagine. We sailed into parenthood with enthusiasm and rose-coloured glasses, and you were our first happy passenger, along for the ride. And what a ride it has been!

Jess - baby hearts sweater
Pattern: Toddler sweater made for Jess in 1986, from Phildar magazine
Yarn: Kadischa by Phildar

From a very young age you showed us your strength of character, intelligence, and determination. There was not one moment in your upbringing where we doubted that your innate moral compass would guide you correctly, and we were right.

Over the years, your teachers, coaches and employers have all remarked on your outstanding work ethic, and that you are among the most amazing people they’ve known. We have to agree. In your unassuming way, you always shine, and those who know you well are lucky indeed, as they also experience your humour, creativity, and ability to nurture those you love.

baby JB Feb 9 1985
First outing for baby Jess, Feb. 9, 1985
Pattern: Baby sweater set made for Jess in 1985, from Patons booklet
Yarn: Patons Beehive baby yarn

Best of all, you appreciate the little things in life so much…a gift that will enable you to deal with stressful times in the years to come. As you go through the next few intense years of studying, don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember to take the time to relax and appreciate every day.

You are a special person, a good friend, and a wonderful daughter. We love you very much.

Mom and Dad