Dream in Color Cloud Jungle 1
Dream in Color Smooshy, in colourway Cloud Jungle

First, let me assure my eagle-eyed readers that the beautiful new yarn pictured in this post does not constitute a breach in my aforementioned resolve to knit only from my existing yarn stash in 2008. That’s my story, and I’m stickin’ to it.

This week I received a shipment of gorgeous hand-dyed yarn from The Loopy Ewe, purveyors extraordinaire of the best in sock yarns. I ordered it for my daughter (a prolific sock knitter), who doesn’t have a ball winder and swift with her at university, so of course I had it shipped to me so that I could wind it for her. What else could I do? It wasn’t because I wanted to pet it. Really.

So, I spent an enjoyable half hour caressing …er, winding the yarn into tidy balls. Which are not round, I know, but we knitters don’t care about such semantics. These “balls” stack nicely, and most importantly, the yarn pulls from the centre, so the whole thing doesn’t end up in a knotted mass.

Many years ago, our friend Niels made a lovely pine bench for us, and it just might be the most well-used piece of furniture in our house. I think he should market it to knitters, because just look at how perfectly the swift and ball winder clamp on its ends:

Swift & ball winder Feb 2008

Swift Dream in Color November MuseBall winder Dream in Color November Muse

And there you go: perfect centre-pull balls. You may have noted that they are not the same size, despite my best efforts to weigh the yarn while winding and make them equal. Apparently I am appallingly bad at this.

Dream in Color November Muse
Dream in Color Smooshy, in colourway November Muse

But still, aren’t they beautiful, all snuggled up together ready to be shipped to Jess? Lucky, lucky Jess.

Dream In Color Smooshy Nov. Muse & Cloud Jungle

Umm, and in the interest of full disclosure, there may have been a couple more skeins that accidentally made it into my shipment, but we won’t speak of that now. I need time to figure out an excuse explanation.