I haven’t finished my Jaywalker socks (one done, one still a glint in its mother’s eye), and I have another secret project on the go that can’t be revealed until it is on its way to its new owner, so I thought I would share an “old” project:

Lantern Moons + Zara = DNA

Pattern: DNA Scarf by June Oshiro
Yarn: Zara by Filatura di Crosa
Needles: Lantern Moon 3.5 mm

This pattern was the perfect choice for a scarf for my daughter, who was studying and working in the field of genetics when I made it.

Unfortunately, my choice of yarns was not very good. Zara is a lovely yarn, but does not have enough body to hold up well in this type of scarf, so it curls when worn. But it is beautiful to look at.

DNA Scarf 2 2007

I’ve decided that I will make Jess another DNA scarf out of a sturdier yarn that will hold its shape. Now I have to get the old one back to recycle that beautiful Zara.

Wait… would it be bad Karma to destroy DNA? Even if I’m going to recreate it?