I’ve been thinking about my yarn stash, and as much as it delights me to have lots of the good stuff in my house, I’ve decided that I don’t want my stash to be a burden. I want it to be my palette, my possibilities, my potential…not a source of guilt. So, if a yarn has been languishing in my stash for a lo-o-o-ng time and I still don’t know what I’m going do with it, if its potential is not exciting me, surely it can go to a better home. And, importantly, I can remove it from my mental clutter.

And so it begins.

First, I gave away my two skeins of Sari Silk yarn:

Sari Silk yarn

This yarn is made from the recycled trimmings from silk saris. Very interesting and unique. I had started to make Knitty’s Unbiased , but I wasn’t feeling the love and realized that I didn’t really have any clear plans for this yarn. So… away it went.

Then I gave away some lovely sock yarn, just because i knew the recipient would really appreciate it:

Scheepjes Invicta Coloris 1700

And then…words I never thought I would say… I actually gave away three skeins of Fleece Artist yarn:

Fleece Artist boucle
Fleece Artist wool slub multi
Fleece Artist wool slub (blue)

I purchased them a few years ago and they had been languishing in my stash. I love them. They’re beautiful. But I have so many other projects lined up that this yarn was beginning to feel like a very lovely obligation.

Who needs another obligation? Not me, thank you very much!

I seriously think that I’m earning some yarn wings. Pardon me while I feel all noble and proud of myself.